Matt Bowe
Visual Designer
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Dignity Supply Co

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Dignity Supply Co.

Fall 2015
Portland, OR


Dignity Supply Co was a project for a freelance client. His goal was to create a range of products that could increase awareness about mental illness overseas. The idea was to print and sell t-shirts, then donate all the proceeds to fighting mental illness.

My job was to help with the branding and creative direction of the products. After working with him to figure out a cohesive theme, I set to work on the branding.

I went with a very subdued and serious look, sticking to heavy monotones and minimalist graphics. The brand centered around the circle element which represents the globe and the circular nature of life.

I created a few products for printing as well as some ads which they could deploy on the web. After completion of the project I curated a mock Instagram feed based on the branding I had created for the company.

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DSC Tee Simple 02.jpg
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