Matt Bowe
Visual Designer



Designspiration UI Design

Self-Initiated Project
Portland, OR

The website has been my go to resource for inspiration for years now. I love it for the sheer simplicity and killer aesthetic. I decided to create a mobile interface which retooled some of the core components of Designspiration to allow for an even more streamlined process.

Problem: Translating the stellar web interface to a device without cluttering the design

Solution: I designed a gesturally driven app that let's the content be the star of the show


The main elements which needed to be maximized in the new design were:
1. the search function, and
2. the related posts

I made the decision early on to not include any menus or unnecessary elements which would take away from the design. Instead the app would rely primarily on gestures for navigation. Not only would this create a visually pleasing design, it would also allow for better engagement from users figuring out and discovering the app as they use it.


Process: Working from the web application, I identified the pieces that I wanted to most emulate then set into creating wireframe sketches. Creating low fidelity, quick ideas, I was able to rapidly iterate to find a solution to pursue. I then set into creating higher quality screens to turn into prototypes.

The biggest challenge I ran into when developing this idea was making something that was at the same time new yet familiar. This tension was one of the reasons I gravitated towards a purely gestural concept. The lack of interface creates a discovery process for users; at the same time, the interactions or gestures used are common to almost all smartphone users. These two elements mix and create an experience that looks and feels great.